commercial space Burlington

commercial space Burlington

When businesses look for office space, they visualize conference rooms with glass fronts, floor-to-ceiling windows with amazing views, and exposed brick. Then, their dreams are shattered when they find stuffy cubicles that make even the most talented team unproductive.

At the Laurentian Business Centre, we understand how important space is to your productivity, team dynamic, and bottom line. Therefore, no matter how diverse your needs are, and whichever industry you're in, we'll find a commercial space in Burlington that matches your requirements.

How to Make Your Search for Commercial Space Easier

The following will make your search for commercial space much easier:

  • Budget

Have a clear understanding of your budget. Doing so will help you avoid acquiring a space that will end up denting your pocket. Ask yourself, how much you are willing to spend in acquiring your commercial space, all factors considered? Will you be doing any renovations to the acquired space in case it is an old building? Also consider the interest rates incurred, both long and short term, while occupying the said property.

  • Size

What size per square meters are you interested in for your commercial space? Large spaces are more efficient and easier to work in and can be used as a marketing strategy to attract customers and retain talent with its comfortable and unique interior decor. The idea is to make your space look more appealing and inviting to potential clients.

  • Consider Your Employees

Find out where your employees live and then find an office space that is relatively convenient for everyone to travel regularly. A centralized location is an important factor to consider. If it's easy for all your employees to get to work, you will retain more talent.

Can You Negotiate Commercial Leases?

Simply because the listing on your commercial space is set at a certain amount, doesn't mean that it's cast on stone. You can negotiate the rent lease down to about 5-20 percent below what's put down. You'll be surprised that people are actually willing to reduce the amount initially listed.

What is The Importance of a Good Commercial Space?

As an investor or business owner, it is important to invest in a good commercial space. Your office is like your second home. You spend a considerable amount of time each day. Therefore, it's vital to be happy where you work, and that means having a cohesive team, doing what you're passionate about, and getting a commercial space you're comfortable with.

A good commercial space will ensure the success of your business in the following ways:

  • It allows you to express your vision, with customized and unique interior features
  • With commercial space, you can create a niche for your business while attracting more business opportunities.
  • It provides your business with a physical address and location, which in turn increases your availability to your clients.
  • The right office space will unleash your employees' creativity.

The Perfect Commercial Space

Are you looking for commercial space in Burlington? We have modern, spacious, and affordable commercial spaces that will grow with you. The fundamentals of our growth and success are passion, quality, and creativity. Call us today on 905 315 3698 to find the perfect modern commercial space in Burlington, from our readily available units.

commercial space Burlington
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commercial space Burlington commercial space Burlington
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