Commercial Mortgage Broker Toronto

Commercial Mortgage Broker Toronto

If you are looking to finance a new commercial building, Diane can help you. She has helped many people like you get a commercial mortgage in Toronto and take them to the next level. Diane is knowledgeable in the real estate industry and can help ensure you get the mortgage that fits your needs. She's ready to listen to you and come up with financial solutions designed for you.


Diane's mission is to help clients get a commercial mortgage loan in risk-appropriate equity real estate opportunities. Her objective for mortgage loans is to provide balanced and diversified portfolios that give her client's attractive risk-adjusted returns. Diane's objective is to help her clients invest in commercial real estate that maximizes cash flow and capital appreciation potential.


Drawing from the vast real estate experience gained over the years, Diane offers clients an endless supply of financing possibilities and up-to-date market expertise. She put her knowledge and years of experience to work to provide certainty of execution. Diane understands the operating characteristics of local markets and can help you get superior property. She delivers best-in-class service to her clients by staying ahead of industry trends and challenges.


Diane provides mortgage financing for commercial properties in Toronto through a wide range of solutions. She brings expertise in a wide variety of settings, including office, retail, industrial, self-storage, and multifamily, with the ability to offer real estate solutions that meet your objectives.

Diane brings the expertise and skills of the industry's highest-rated servicer. Given her knowledge base, she is flexible in meeting her client's needs. She values her client relationships and strives to ensure she meets the goals of her borrowers.


Diane's service includes more than just a promise to provide a quick turnaround for a commercial mortgage. She also provides ongoing service to you after getting your loan. Her control over the loan application process is designed to provide a quality experience for clients. She offers a quick turnaround time on loan quotes and can help you get speedy loan approvals. She provides excellent service throughout the negotiation and closing process.


Once you've found the perfect property, Diane can help you make it your own by getting a commercial mortgage for you. Purchase or refinance with flexible terms and competitive rates for both investment properties ad owner-occupied. With a commercial mortgage she got for your property, you'll enjoy a low interest rate, meaning no surprises on what you're paying every month.

You'll have the option to make interest-only repayments allowing you to preserve capital and maximize cash flow. Diane can also help you get affordable financing option for small multifamily properties so you can enjoy multiple streams of income while paying your mortgage back.

Contact Diane Bertolin

If you are purchasing a commercial property in Toronto and need a commercial mortgage broker Toronto, set up a complimentary consultation with Diane Bertolin. She has the experience required to provide out-of-the-box solutions. Contact her Toronto office at 289-337-8492 to schedule a consultation.

Commercial Mortgage Broker Toronto
Diane Bertolin, Mortgage Agent in Association With GemREAL Capital Corp.

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Commercial Mortgage Broker Toronto Commercial Mortgage Broker Toronto
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